• Background: Situated at the tip of the beautiful Saadiyat Island, Hidd Al Saadiyat sits in a one of a kind cultural centre; an architectural masterpiece within a natural masterpiece surrounded by world class art museums.
• Challenge: Position Hidd Al Saadiyat to stand out against other luxury real estate developments.
Solution. Therefore, the creative representation of this reality is a brush stroke that paints the beautiful setting.
• Result: The brush stroke lived through as various incarnations throughout the brand’s visual material, from brand & tactical campaigns, online activities, digital platforms, environment branding, and onsite activations.
advertising campaign - press ad design
e-mailer design
website - design & build
advertising communications - banner ads
marketing material - direct mailer
environment graphics - design & production 
PR activation - invitation & press kit design, and environment branding
brand extensions.- HAS Yacht Club branding design
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