• Background: By 2011, social media had become a very powerful tool in the Middle East. The RTA sought to enhance its social visibility and utilize the medium to communicate with the public.
• Challenge: Beyond social visibility, RTA suffered from a negative brand perception. Consumer perception seemed to relate RTA to traffic jams, fines, road closures, and other negative thoughts.  
• Solution: A PR strategy focused around evolving RTA into a friendly brand and household name was created. The attractive and relevant content engaged followers across RTA's Facebook, twitter, and Youtube channels while results were measured continuously using a consistent reporting system.
• Result: Within a short time-span, the brand’s credibility had increased considerably along with the number of followers on its twitter and Facebook pages. Followers turned into believers in the brand and its responsiveness, empathy, and relevance. Thus, RTA’s social media had become an award-winning, indispensable CRM tool.
• Impact: awarded Best Social Media Campaign for a Government Body, The Internet Awards Middle East 2012.
official Facebook page - setup, content creation, management, and moderation  
campaign design - e-mailers & Facebook iframe 
advertising design - e-mailers & Facebook iframe 
reporting system - analytics analysis & layout design
content creation - YouTube video shooting & editing
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