• Background: Nakheel, a Dubai World company and one of the world’s largest and most innovative real estate developers in 2008, and the Auchan group, the world’s 13th largest food retailing group, signed an agreement for the creation of a joint venture that birthed HyperCorp LLC, which was intended to operate across the GCC region. Moreover, by virtue of the agreement, Auchan hypermarkets was to replace Giant supermarkets at all Nakheel communities in the UAE.
• Challenge: After opening branches in Eastern Europe and as far as China, the prominent French discount retailers decided to enter the Middle East through the burgeoning UAE market. Before establishing the hypermarket chain within Nakheel developments, the brand had to be adapted to the UAE market.
• Solution: The core brand was localized while preserving its French essence. Furthermore, the brand applications increased in response to the new retail environments. 
• Result: Arabizing the Auchan brand helped it grow beyond the supermarket
brand guidelines book - design development 
retail environments design - interior & exterior signage
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