• Role: concept development & Arabic art direction 
• Challenge: Communicating strategy and encouraging employees to understand and implement it can be a daunting task for organizations, particularly when there is a wide target audience and other complexities involved. Abu Dhabi Judicial Council presented their view for making their strategy more accessible to employees and the challenge was to devise the accurate approach to the solution.
• Solution: A visually-driven solution was devised using a variety numerous visual strategic touch points, all of which were designed in both English and Arabic so as to ensure comprehension across the language barrier. Materials included: a summary overview of the departments key achievements, an iconographic visual strategy map (providing a one page overview of the strategy), a well-designed strategy explainer booklet and a helpful guide for the internal strategy team, which outlined key roles and responsibilities.
• Result: Providing both complex and overarching strategic materials enabled ADJD employees to have a succinct overview of what the ADJD strategy meant for them, whilst at the same time providing all the finer details in an easy-to-comprehend format.
booklet - "ADJD Strategic Planning & Performance Guide"
book - "ADJD Strategy 2014 - 2018"
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